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Gundars Grieze
Chairman of the Board
Gundars Grieze started his career with Trasta komercbanka, JSC in 1996. For two years he was a member of the Bank Council, one year – a member of the Board, but since 1999 he has been the Board Chairman. At present G.Grieze oversees the Customer Service Department, branches of Trasta komercbanka in Latvia, Information Systems Department, Administrative Department and Security Division.
Gundars Grieze was born in 1961 in Riga. He graduated the faculty of Economics at Latvia University and furthered his education at Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (Germany, Cologne). His first work place was the Industrial Statistics Divisions of the Republic of Latvia State Statistics Committee (1985-1992). Following the studies in Germany, G.Grieze started his career as a financier. He worked as a chief specialist at Riga Stock Exchange, JSC (1002), managed finances of several companies: Mūsu motors, Ltd in the post of the financial director (1992-1994), IPM, Ltd as the director (1994-95), Visbija, JSC as the financial director (1995-1996) and Arcus, Ltd as the financial director (1996-1998).
G.Grieze participated in the establishment of the Fund for the Promotion of Latvia’s Economy and he is a Council member of the Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia.

Māris Fogelis
Member of the Board
Māris Fogelis is a member of Trasta komercbanka, JSC Board. He was elected to the Board in 1999 when he became the First Vice – Chairman of the Board. He oversees the Financial Market Department and Securities Market and Bank Investments Department.
Māris Fogelis was born in 1968 in Madona District. He received higher education at Latvia University in the field of economic geography and furthered his education at Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems of Georgetown University (USA). As a student he started to work, first, as a correspondent in the Economic Division of the Popular Front of Latvia newspaper Atmoda, then as a commercial director of the newspaper Dienas business of Diena, JSC (1991 – 1993). In 1004, M.Fogelis became the Roubles Division head at Centra Banka, JSC, where he organized the turnover of CIS national currencies and was in charge of establishing correspondent relations with Russian banks. M.Fogelis started his career with Trasta Komercbanka in 1997 as a consultant and dealer of the Currency Division. Since 1998, he has been engaged in work of the Resources Committee of Trasta Komercbanka.

Viktors Ziemelis
Member of the Board
Viktors Ziemelis was elected to the Board of Trasta komercbanka, JSC in 2003.
As the Vice – Chairman of the Board V.Ziemelis oversees the Interregional Development Division, representative offices of Trasta komercbanka abroad and Cyprus branch activities, as well as the AML Compliance Division of the Bank. 
Viktors Ziemelis was born in 1970 in Kaliningrad (Russia). He studied at Riga Higher Military Aviation Engineering School and obtained the qualification of an economist at Riga Aviation University. V.Ziemelis started his career in the banking industry with Latvijas Krājbanka, JSC (1995) as a senior controller and accountant, and later as a correspondent banking specialist and analyst. V. Ziemelis continued to enhance his experience in Saules banka, JSC (1998-2001), where he headed the Treasury and Interbank Development Division, and worked as the Deputy Chairman of the Board and Vice President. From 2001 to 2002 V.Ziemelis held the position of Vice – President and head of the Financial Market and Interregional Development Department at Baltijas Tranzītu Banka, JSCB.

Svetlana Krasovska
First Vice – Chairman of the Board
Svetlana Krasovska has been the chief accountant and a Board member of Trasta komercbanka, JSC since 1995. S.Krasovska manages the Bank Operations Accounting and Statistics Department and she oversees the Risk Analysis and Control Department and Correspondent Banking and Settlements Department.
Svetlana Krasovska was born in 1968. She acquired knowledge about banking industry in the former Riga Accounting and Credit Technical School of the Bank of Latvia, studied economics and business administration in the Baltic Russian Institute and obtained her masters degree in economics at the University of Latvia.
S. Krasovska began her professional career as a senior accountant in the Auce Division of National Bank of Latvia (1986), followed by work for the Town Administration of the National Bank and Town Administration of the Bank of Latvia (1992-1993). S.Krasovska started her career with Trasta Komercbanka in 1995.

Edgar Diure
Member of the Board
Edgars Diure joined the team of JSC TRASTA KOMERCBANKA on March 17, 2014 as a counsellor to the Chairman of the Board G. Grieze. He was elected to the Board on March 28, 2014. At present, E. Diure oversees the work of Bank’s Customer Compliance Committee.
Edgars Diure obtained his Bachelor’ s degree in Economics at the University of Latvia, he studied in the Baltic Economic Management Training Programme at Dalhousie University in Canada, Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics and obtained his Master`s degree in Economics at the University of Latvia.
E. Diure was born in 1973. He started his career in banking sphere in 1993 as a junior supervisor in the Credit Institution Supervision Department of Latvijas Banka. Later he was promoted to the position of Chief Expert. In 2001, he started to work as a Chief Expert at the Financial and Capital Market Commission, but in 2006, he took the position of the Head of Financial Integrity Division. Later E. Diure worked as the Compliance Manager at GE Money and from 2007 to 2008 as Internal Auditor at ABLV bank. From 2007 to 2012, he was a Financial Consultant at the Association of Latvian Private Banks.

Jeļena Ignatjeva
Member of the Board


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