In September the new 10 euro banknote will come into circulation



The new 10 euro banknotes will start circulation on September 23, 2014 with a new design and enhanced security features making them even more resistant to counterfeiting. The companies and inhabitants have enough time ahead to get ready for the new banknotes.

The new series 10 euro banknotes will still feature the "ages and styles" design of the first series and show the same dominant colours, but they will be slightly modified to accommodate the enhanced security features. This also will make them easy to distinguish from the first series.

Like the new series 5 euro banknote, the 10 euro note will be very easy to check using the simple FEEL-LOOK-TILT method. The watermark and hologram of the banknote contain the portrait of Europe – a figure from Greek mythology and the origin of the name of our continent. In addition to the portrait of Europe incorporated in the hologram and watermark, there is a shiny emerald number shown on the note, which changes colour from deep blue to emerald green moving the banknote up and down.


The Europa series 5 euro and 10 euro banknotes will be more durable as they have a protective coating. This means that the banknotes will need to be replaced less frequently, thereby reducing the cost and the impact on the environment. Gradually over several years the Europa series banknotes will be introduced in ascending order, so the €20 will follow the €10, at a date still to be determined, replacing the existing banknotes. The first series of euro banknotes will continue to circulate in parallel with the new banknotes and retain their value for an unlimited period of time. 

As recognized by Latvijas banka representative Andris Tauriņš, Latvia will not have any problems with the introduction of the new 10 euro banknotes because the money processing devices in Latvia, as a new member of the euro zone, are modern and mostly made at a time when the ECB's plans to launch the new series of banknotes were already known. To avoid any doubts, Latvijas Banka will make available the new 10 euro banknotes in good time; even before their official release for circulation, and will use them to test the cash handling equipment.

The first Europa series €5 banknotes started circulating in the euro area in May 2013. At present, more than 334 million people in 18 euro zone member states use the euro as the legal tender.


Agita Mūsiņa
PR Division


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