Information to clients about restrictions on bank activities



Dear Customers,

Trasta komercbanka would like to inform you that the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) decided to impose restrictions on the activities of the bank, forbidding it from performing debit transactions in any currency, including through online banking, ATMs and by cash, with clients in the amount that exceeds 100,000 euro per depositor. It should also be pointed out that these restrictions will not apply to funds that will be transferred into clients’ accounts after the moment of adoption of the FCMC’s decision (22.01.2016).

The Bank continues to work in the usual mode of business, providing services and fulfilling its obligations to the customers in compliance with the limits imposed by the FCMC.

The restrictions set by the FCMC will not affect 93% of the bank’s customers as their funds do not exceed this limit.

Trasta komercbanka is a solvent institution; it is working on the elimination of all shortcomings for the earliest possible return to work without restrictions. By 10 March the Bank will complete the 15th issue of shares and the Bank’s core capital will therefore increase by EUR 15 million.

The answers to all current questions are available here, and for additional information you can contact your private banker or Bank’s Info centre at tel. +371 67 027 777.


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