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Dear clients!

Trasta komercbanka continues to inform clients about the processes and actions in connection with the restrictions imposed on the activities of the bank by the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC).

Bank's shareholders have been given time to fix the weaknesses, which resulted in the restrictions on bank's debit transactions that exceed 100,000 euro per depositor. To improve the situation, the following processes are taking place right now at the bank:

  • upgrading of the internal control system;
  • elimination of shortcomings, identified by the FCMC;
  • process of attracting a new investor;
  • process of increasing bank's share capital.

The board and the shareholders of the bank are making every effort so that the above processes can end in success and the bank can resume its normal activity without restrictions.

We would like to emphasize once again that our clients can freely use their payment cards for any debit transaction up to EUR 100,000, and freely use their safe deposit boxes. The restrictions of the FCMC do not apply to valuables / cash / documents etc. stored in the bank’s vault! As well as the restrictions are not applied to funds credited to customers' accounts with a value date from 23.01.2016 onwards.

The bank will continue to inform clients about the current events at the bank.

If you have any questions, please contact your private-banker or the call the Info Centre at +371 67027777.


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