Notice to creditors








The liquidator of joint-stock company under liquidation “Trasta komercbanka” would like to remind you that the deadline for application of creditors – June 17 – is approaching. Creditors’ claims submitted after the said deadline will be included in another group of creditors, in which claims will be satisfied only after satisfying the creditors’ claims submitted by the deadline and other claims specified in Articles 192 and 193 of the Credit Institutions Law. 


I hereby inform that to date, no decision has been taken on the non-recognition of creditors’ claims. Most creditors have been requested to submit additional information and/or documents to eliminate deficiencies in the creditors’ claims submitted.


I would like to remind that, in assessing creditors’ claims, special attention is paid to the AML procedures.


Please read the provisions of the Credit Institutions Law carefully and submit the creditors’ claims and their supporting documents in a timely manner, and please respond to requests for additional information and/or documents!



Liquidator                                                                                                                                                I. KrÅ«ms





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