The unaudited profit in 2000 was 49 780 lats



The unaudited profit of Trasta komercbanka in 2000 was 49 780 lats. During 2000 Assets (without Managed trust assets) have increased for 4% or 313 thousand lats and in December 31, 2000 amounted to 8,122 million lats. 

The volume of bank’s Assets and Managed trust assets at the end of last year was 31,684 million lats, in comparison with the end of 1999 they increased for 23,477 million lats. In December 31, there were 3,822 million lats in Cash and on Nostro accounts of Trasta komercbanka, in Government Treasury bills the bank has invested 2,624 million lats, loans to customers amounted 385 thousand lats, in Securities with non-fixed income and other Securities the bank was invested 570 thousand lats. 

Fixed and Intangible Assets at the end of December was 514 thousand lats, Managed trust assets - 23,562 thousand lats, Other assets - 137 thousand lats, and Accrued income and Deferred expense - 69 thousand lats. 

The bank’s liabilities to credit institutions in December 31 was 583 thousand lats, for Deposits bank has attracted 3,539 million lats, Cash in Transit - 396 thousand lats, Other liabilities - 66 thousand lats, Managed trust liabilities - 23,562 million lats, but Accrued expense and Deferred income - 22 thousand lats. 

Loss provisions of the bank at the end of the last year was 20 thousand lats. Equity and retained Earnings of Trasta komercbanka in December 31 have amounted 2,669 million lats and Subordinated debt – 828 thousand lats


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