TKB has joined the initiative "Fair Euro Introducer"



TKB has joined the Latvian entrepreneurs’ voluntary initiative “Fair Euro Introducer”, thus confirming the bank’s commitment to facilitate fair and transparent introduction of the euro in Latvia.

The management of Trasta komercbanka has signed the Memorandum of the initiative “Fair Euro Introducer” thus expressing the bank’s commitment to facilitate smooth and understandable introduction of the euro for all people and to ensure fair and transparent transition to the euro in Latvia, recalculating service prices from lats to euros according to the official currency rate and in compliance with strict mathematical rounding off principles.

To ensure that the euro changeover takes place in a convenient, simple and understandable way, TKB has been providing its clients with information about the euro introduction process on the bank’s website since the beginning of the year, and, currently, it is continuing the information campaign disseminating information materials in the clients’ service centres and gradually applying dual display of prices.   

The initiative “Fair Euro Introducer” is a voluntary commitment of entrepreneurs within which the government, companies and their representative organisations have signed the Cooperation Memorandum, which each fair and responsible entrepreneur is invited to join. The Memorandum was signed on 12 July 2013 after the official invitation of Latvia to join the euro zone. Along with a number of other Latvian business organizations, the Memorandum “Fair Euro Introducer” has already been signed by the Latvian Association of Commercial Banks, and banks are continuing to join it individually. The Memorandum “Fair Euro Introducer” is available on the 

The euro changeover will take place on 1 January 2014  in compliance with the current official exchange rate of the Bank of Latvia, where 1.422872 eiros will be paid for one lat (1 EUR = 0.702804 LVL). To find more details about the euro changeover, visit TKB website or clients’ service centres, where information leaflets are available, or contact your private banker.

Agita Mūsiņa
PR Division


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