"Trasta komercbanka" enters the international bank alliance



On 18th of September in Almati (Kazakstan) has been concluded Cooperation Agreement between banks of four states. An international bank alliance has been formed consequently.  Its members are the following banks:  "Trasta komercbanka" (Latvia), „Dialog-Optim” (Russia), „Temirbank” (Kazakstan) and „Ineksimbank” (Kyrgyzstan).

The members of new alliance are planning to achieve following aims:

  • to form most favored nation treatment for realization of own programs of each bloc member, as well as of joint projects;
  • to facilitate strategic cooperation in international financial markets, int.al. in CIS markets;
  • to expand the area of mutual service provisioning;
  • to realize joint investment projects;
  • to favor an adaptation of innovative banking technology;
  • to develop mechanisms of bank exposure minimization.

This agreement is the base for future cooperation between banks alliance members. 
It declares principles of division of risk and mutual responsibility concluding joint transactions in view of features of national legislation in states of banks-participants

Besides the above-mentioned Agreement banks-participants have already signed and plan to sign bilateral contracts which will create a structure of mutual participation in the capital each other and will bring a legal basis under interaction in the market of members of the alliance.

The agreement has been signed within the framework of Forth Conference of banks of the CIS and Baltic states, in Almati (Kazakstan). Trasta komercbanka also has concluded the Stockholding Purchase Contract with Temirbank.

In the beginning of October the Trasta komercbanka will hold the Press conference concerning 14th Anniversary of the bank. Within the framework of press conference TKB will provide comprehensive information on the international banks alliance. 

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