Trasta komercbanka is awarded for outstanding quality of payments



This summer Trasta komercbanka yet again received recognition awards from its correspondent banks for the exceptional quality of international payments over the past year. 

For the seventh consecutive year Trasta komercbanka has become a winner of the prestigious STP Excellence Award granted by its correspondent bank, the largest Germany’s bank Deutsche Bank, for excellence of payments in EUR and USD over the past year.

The second biggest Germany’s bank and a partner of TKB in correspondent banking Commerzbank granted yet another award - STP Award 2011 to Trasta komercbanka for the highest level of quality in executing payment transactions.
The awards, which once again confirm the excellence of outgoing payments and high performance level of TKB staff, will support the Bank's commitment to keep its payment quality high. Such excellent quality of outgoing payments ensures a successful cooperation with TKB partners, complying with all the requirements for AML prevention, and for bank customers it means a prompt and high quality execution of payment transactions.  

Agita Mūsiņa 
PR Specialist


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