Trasta komercbanka starts to emit payment cards



Trasta komercbanka starts to emit Maestro and Eurocard/Mastercard payment cards.
The Bank offers all types of EC/MC cards:

  •  Mass – credit card for private persons. This card enables private persons to carry out private bill payments;
  •  Business – credit card for business customers. This card enables to meet employees business trip expenses as well as other expenses;
  •  Gold - credit card only for private persons and companies, who are Bank’s best customers and have earned the Bank's confidence. This card guarantees large credit limit (over 5 000 USD).

Customers will be able to choose either Latvian lats or US dollars as their card’s account currency. At present only four banks in Latvia offer such a possibility.

Essential advantage of Trasta komercbanka credit cards is – there is no need to renew card’s account balance until a fixed date every month. This means that the card’s user could owe the Bank amount of money, which does not exceed the Bank’s granted credit, till the card’s date of expire. Trasta komercbanka is the only bank in Latvia who offers such a possibility.Another advantage is that customer’s securities portfolio can serve as a guarantee for payment card receipt.
Trasta komercbanka customers will have the possibility to choose payment cards either insured by Insurance Company BALTA J.S., or uninsured. Insurance limit is enough to receive visas for trips abroad.

Trasta komercbanka has become Europay member in October 1997 obtaining rights to issue and serve EC/MC payment cards.


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