Financial results of Trasta komercbanka`s activity in 2003



Financial results of Trasta komercbanka`s activity in 2003 demonstrate an active development of the Bank.

Unaudited profit of Trasta komercbanka for 2003 amounted 769 thousand lats. In comparison with appropriate results of 2002 in last year the Bank has made the profit 2,4 times more. 

Assets of the Bank has amounted 53,40 million lats, what is for 81% more than at the end of 2002. As of 31.12.2003. deposits with Trasta komercbanka have amounted 38,16 million lats, or more then twice (for 20 million LVL) more then results of 2002. The Bank’s credit portfolio at the end of 2003 Trasta komercbanka was 14,24 million lats, what is for 41% more then in 2002. An amount of capital and reserves of Trasta komercbanka in 31.12.2003. made out 4,71 million lats. This index during 2003 has been grown for 35%.

Julija Jurgele
PR Department


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