Igor Guberman Visited TKB Smart-club



TKB Smart-club, the joint intellectual project of AS "TRASTA KOMERCBANKA" and the magazine "Otkritiy gorod", was guested by Igor Guberman, Russian writer and poet, the author of unique aphoristic and satiric quatrains called "gariki".


Guberman worked as an electrical engineer for several years, but towards the end of 1950s he turned to literary work. At first, he wrote popular science books, but gradually he became more and more known as a poet, expressing widely different views from the officially accepted. It was the reason why Guberman in 1979 was arrested on fabricated charges, sentenced to five years and sent to a labour camp for five years. On the diaries he kept during his time in the camp, he based his book Walking Around the Barracks. At the end of 1970s, in Israel, his first collection of short poems called Jewish Da-Zi-Bao was published. Later he renamed the poems into "gariki". The author became famous for his books Gariki for Every Day, Book of Healthy and Tasty Life (co-authored with Alexander Okun), Last Gariki. Gariki from Atlantis, Second Jerusalem Diary and others. He has been living in Jerusalem since 1988.



At the meeting in the Smart-club, Igor Guberman told some stories from his past, including about his camp experience. He told that he was unable to write "gariki" in the camp because poetry requires a special state of mind. However, he wrote prose which appealed to a local criminal authority who once told the author: "When your book is published, ask to be sent back to this camp. It is easier to serve time in the same camp". Fortunately, he was not sent to the camp again. Guberman told also how he managed to convey the manuscript of the book out of the camp, how his family supported him. By the way, at the meeting, the author was accompanied by his wife Tatiana. The couple will soon celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Throughout the evening, Igor Guberman was reciting his poems “gariki” about Jews, family, love, modern Russia. Irony, sarcasm and sparkling humour of Guberman’s poems made everyone in the club burst out laughing, and through the fun and irony also to give it some thought.



TKB Smart-club was established last year by AS “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” together with the magazine "Otkritiy gorod". Many renowned people have already visited the club, e.g. Russian political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov, historian and publicist Leonid Mlechin, journalist and co-founder of NTV Evgeny Kiselev, actor and playwright Evgeny Grishkovets, political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, TV journalist Marianna Maksimovsky, lawyer Mikhail Barshevsky, journalist Pavel Sheremet and writer Alexander Genis. This year TKB continues to develop the Smart-club and to invite interesting guests, whose opinions may be different from the majority, but seem interesting to club members, TRASTA KOMERCBANKA clients, supporters of “Otkritiy gorod”, members of the private cigar club Churchill, and also for people from Latvia’s political and business circles.



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