Mikhail Barshevsky was a Guest of TKB Smart-club



TKB Smart-club, the joint intellectual project of AS „TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” and magazine “Otkritiy gorod”, was guested by Mikhail Barshevsky, the famous Russian lawyer, Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Russian Academy of Advocacy, the author of numerous books and publications, and also the authorized representative of the Russian government in the highest judicial bodies.

Mr. Barshevsky shared his opinion about the balance of power in the world and the situation in Ukraine, and he also told the club visitors why he likes Latvia so much. In his point of view, politics can be compared to weather conditions outside: "Someone likes rain, the other likes snow, yet another is longing for the sun. But it does not mean that any of the natural phenomena is better or worse than the other. My view of what is happening around is a look through my window, and I do not press my opinion on anyone,” - he explained. Barshevsky stressed that right now the informational war is well under way in the world, and everybody should try to analyze by himself the events happening around.

When commenting on the Ukraine crisis, Barshevsky pointed out that, in his opinion, Ukraine is "not even a chess piece, it is the chessboard". The current confrontation between Russia and the West he compared with the Caribbean crisis of 1962. "The USA was ready to launch a nuclear war, when the Soviet Union placed its military hardware in its neighbourhood in Cuba. Of course, Russia could not tolerate with a similar situation “at home”, in Crimea”, said M. Barševskis. However, the main threat for Russia, in his opinion, is not the United States, but China, which can set up a claim to adjacent areas. “In any case, my advice to young people now is to learn Chinese,” - added the lawyer.

After the performance of the guest, a fierce debate began as the participants asked the lawyer various questions. There was also a question how the lawyer "advertises" Latvia among his friends and acquaintances, as he himself has an apartment and business relations in Latvia (in Jurmala, there is a law office bearing his name). “Latvia is a wonderful and clean country; everybody tries to speak Russian here, even in rural areas. Whatever the political situation has been, I have never felt any hostility towards the Russians. Latvia is a wonderful, peaceful country, and I would like it to remain like this”, said Barschevsky

TKB Smart-club was established last year by AS “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” together with the magazine "Otkritiy gorod". Many renowned people have already visited the club, e.g. Russian political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov, historian and publicist Leonid Mlechin, journalist and co-founder of NTV Evgeny Kiselev, actor and playwright Evgeny Grishkovets, political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, TV journalist Marianna Maksimovsky. This year TKB has planned to further develop TKB Smart-club and invite interesting guests, whose opinions may be different from the majority point of view, but interesting for club members from among TRASTA KOMERCBANKA clients, supporters of “Otkritiy gorod”, members of the private cigar club Churchill, and also for people from Latvia’s political and business circles.


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