The New Intellectual Project of TKB and Magazine “Otkritij gorod”



The first session of TKB Smart-club in 2015 was opened by Stanislav Belkovsky, the well-known Russian political analyst. Stanislav Belkovsky is already the fifth guest of the new intellectual project. He shared his personal thoughts about the relationship between Russia and the European Union and replied to questions of the event participants.

ТКВ Smart-club was founded at the end of 2014 by AS “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” together with the magazine “Otkritij Gorod” thus giving a start to a new intellectual project.

Igor Buimister, one of the founders of the club and Chairman of TKB Council told in the interview for the radio Baltkom that the idea of the Smart-club was „in the air” for some time. According to him, Smart-club is an intellectual platform for people with active attitude to life, where they can share different viewpoints and find answers to many questions. It is interesting for us to invite people, with whom we can discuss the current situation in the world as we are conscious of the events in Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. There is a huge range of questions to which we try to find answers. We strive to invite extraordinary, interesting people, not only journalists and political experts, but also culture representatives. For example, a month ago the Russian dramatist and actor Jevgeny Grishkovec visited our club”, - said the banker.

The first guests of the club were the well-known Russian political expert Fiodor Lukyanov, historian and publicist Leonid Mlechin, journalist and one of the НТВ co-founders Jevgeny Kiselyov, actor and dramatist Jevgeny Grishkovec. This year TKB is planning to develop a new intellectual platform and invite monthly for a discussion interesting people, whose opinion may be different from the majority opinion, but still seem interesting to club members, clients of AS “TRASTA KOMECBANKA”, supporters of the magazine “Otkritij Gorod” and members of the private cigar club Churchill Club.


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