1.  Fee for leasing repayment before the term

1% of the unpaid principal, min 100 EUR

2.  Fee for document preparation in case of refinancing

1.5% of the unpaid principal, min 200 EUR

3.  Changes in the payment schedule (schedule shortening, changes in the payment date)

75 EUR

4.  Changes in the leasing agreement maturity and interest rate

1% of the unpaid principal, min 100 EUR

5.  Other changes in the leasing agreement upon client’s request

150 EUR




1.  Certificate on client’s debts and liabilities (1 agreement)

25 EUR

2.  Non-standard certificate

50 EUR

3.  Certificate on payment history 100 EUR
4.  Power of attorney for travelling abroad 25 EUR
5.  Copies, duplicates upon client’s request 25 EUR per document
6.  Postal delivery of lease invoices 2 EUR

All amounts are shown including VAT 21%
* leasing services are offered by SIA „TKB Līzings”, registration No.40003591059

Valid from 04.04.2016


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